When you share a new story with your LifeTales Contact …

You'll want to be sure your friends see your story. There's no algorithm to interfere and lots of ways they'll be alerted 😃

  1. Email: They'll receive an email from LifeTales, if they have their email preferences turned on.
  2. Push Notification: They'll receive a notification on their mobile device or their Desktop, if they said "yes" to receiving notifications.
  3. Notifications Tab: Once they're in the app, they'll see a badge on the Notifications tab and line in their feed about the story
  4. Collections Sidebar: If this was shared with them via a Collection, they'll see a badge in the sidebar. If the story is not in a Collection, it will be in your friend's Shared With Me folder.

When you edit or update a story

We don't like to inundate people with emails … and we bet you don't either! So here's what happens:

  1. Email: We do not send an email

  2. Push Notification: To reduce Push Notification spam, we delay sending notifications for 5 minutes, just in case you're making multiple changes.

    If your friend gave us permission, they will then get a push notification.

    Unfortunately, many people automatically say "No" to all requests from apps without even thinking about it. And then they wonder why they didn't know about your updates!

    So if they want to be alerted, be sure to tell them to say "Yes" to notifications from LifeTales.

  3. Notifications tab and Collections Sidebar: Once they're in the app, they'll see the badges and a line in their Notifications feed. They'll also see an "updated" badge on the story.

Memoirs: When you request a Story

We have a special feature when you create a Memoirs Collection — Request a Story.

When you request a story, the person or people who receive your request will get all the notifications above and will also see your video request for a story 😀

It can be a lot of fun — and help you learn a lot about Mom, Dad, Grandpa, your friend … or maybe use Request a Story in a different creative way! If you do, be sure to tell us about it!