Creating a Story

a. Where? Select a Collection (optional)

  • if you don't select a Collection, your story will still be saved in your My Stories folder.

b. Start a Story: Tap the + button

c. Type of page? Select the type of page you'd like to add

  • Write: Create a text page. You'll have a basic set of widgets to help you do some formatting, if you wish

  • Library: Select pictures and video from your phone's library or from your computer
    • You'll see a spot to add an optional caption. You can do this by text or audio (audio on mobile devices only)

  • Camera: Take a picture or video from within the app.

    • Note: This is currently only available on mobile devices and not on desktop

  • Audio: If you're on a mobile device, use your phone's microphone to add audio. If you're on desktop, add a file from your computer

  • More: You currently have the ability to add links to Youtube and Vimeo videos as well as Soundcloud audio. They'll show up in your Story as a viewable page

d. Add more pages: Tap the + button between any two pages in a Story to add another page in that spot

e. Finish the story with the following optional steps

  • Add a Cover picture
    • we auto-select your 1st picture but you can change it to any other picture in the story, or even get a different picture from your library. Or if there are no pictures, your cover will be a blue background.

  • Add the date
    • we default to today’s date but you can change it to whatever you'd like. That's useful for adding stories from long ago, like in a memoir, or if you're playing catch-up on some old pictures

  • Add a Story name
    • We automatically use today's date as the Story name but you can probably be more creative than that!

  • Add a Tag
    • Optionally add a tag to help organize your stories inside a Collection.

Video on Creating and Sharing a Story


Power User tip #1 πŸ’‘

Use your mobile device AND desktop. You can log into your account on both desktop and mobile and use it in both places for the same Story.

For example, your pictures might be on your mobile device. However, if you're doing a lot of typing, you may prefer to do that on desktop. Or you may have some pictures on your desktop from your super-duper, extra special, you're-almost-annoyingingly-too-good-at-this prized camera. Simply log in on your desktop computer to edit the Story.

So go ahead and create a story on either device, save it, and edit it later on your other device. Easy peasy πŸš€

Power User Tip #2 πŸ’‘πŸ’‘

Captions are simply text or audio pages, pre-linked to the picture or video above. You can always de-link them if you wish, and even move them around the story. Or perhaps add an audio file as a separate page, then decide to link it to a picture. Or not. Complete flexibility!