Editing/Adding to a Story (explained using pictures)

  1. Enter Edit Mode by tapping Edit at the top right of your Story


We've shown an example below from an iPhone screen.

Android and desktop have identical controls but you'll find them under the 3 dots on the top right corner of each page

Once you're in Edit Mode, you'll see all the controls for each page.

Trash: Delete the page

Edit Text: On text pages, tap the pencil icon to edit the text

Add New Page: That's the plus button between each page. Scroll to wherever you'd like in the story to add a page

Move Page: Tap the up/down carets to select the page, then scroll to your target location

  • Note: if you have several pages linked together, the entire group will be moved together

Link pages: Yep. That's the one that looks like a chain link 🔗. Check out our Linking pages and Sideways carousel to Story to learn why on earth you might want to do this.

  • Note: when you link pages, the plus button disappears. To add something between them, you need to unlink firstly tapping the link again


You can also edit the Cover picture, the Story date and Story name by tapping the pencil in the top right of your cover picture.

Once you're finished editing, tap Done (top right corner), to return to View Mode