Story Options

Tap the 3 dots at the top right of your Story to pop up the Story Options screen.

  • If you're a Creator or a Co-Creator of a story, you'll see the screen below.
  • If you're a Viewer of a Story, you'll have a more limited set of options — Mute Notifications, Leave Story and Tag Story

Try them out — we think they're pretty intuitive but if there's anything you find unclear or confusing, please be sure to let us know here. If you're unclear, we can be sure that others are too!


Here are some very brief explanations of each control.


This brings up our Share modal — see our Sharing tag for more details on sharing


For some stories, you may no longer want to receive notifications. Tap Mute to silence them and unmute to enjoy them again 😀


Only Story Creators have the ability to delete their Story. This will delete it from all Collections that the Story has been shared to. This is non-recoverable so be sure you want to do it!


This creates a duplicate of an entire story. This is explained in more detail in the "copying vs adding a story to a Collection" under the Stories tag.


When you tap this button, we'll send a link to your email address so you can download the entire story to your hard drive.

Cover and Date

Use either of these buttons to change your Story's name, cover picture and the Story date.


Tag your story or create new tags. It's a great way to organize your content, along with smart use of Collections. This is explained in more detail elsewhere in the _How To _Collection.


This will bring up your list of Collections. You can add the Story to one or more of your Collections. You can also use this to remove the Story from some Collections.