Shared vs Private Collections

Shared vs Private Collections

Collections are private by default. They only become shared when you add participants.

You have complete flexibility to make any Collection shared (add participants to the Collection) or private (no participants added).

When participants are added to the Collection, there are three major implications. Just like in a Dropbox or Google Drive folder, everyone can:

  • add stories
  • view and comment on stories
  • when anyone does either of the above, everyone gets notified

No need to share the stories individually with participants — they get them automatically, as soon as a story gets added.

If a story is in a private Collection, you can still choose to share it using the Story sharing controls.

Examples of Private Collections

You would use our Standard Collection template for these.

Here are just a few examples. You might use a private Collection to keep a grouping of your stories in one place. Examples include:

  • a Draft Collection where you create a story, get it just right, then move it to one of your shared Collections when you're ready to share.

  • a Private Collection for your private thoughts, never meant to be shared with anyone.

  • a Customized Sharing Collection, when you do not want sharing to happen automatically with a group. Instead, for each story, you choose who you want to share with.

Examples of Shared Collections

Here are a few ideas. Shared Collections are often used for:

Standard Collections

  • Groups of friends or family — they're like a messaging group for stories.

  • A Collection just for for you and the Grandparents — they can't possibly get too many pix and video of the kids!

  • Office Stories —sometimes you want to share stories with colleagues at the office. Like creating a surprise group Birthday story

Child Journals

A Journal for your child — usually an intimate journal just shared between Mum, Dad and the child. Once your child is old enough, just add them to the Journal as a Co-Owner!

Preserve all the stories of their youth. You think you'll remember everything many years from now … but you won't. Just ask your parents 😃

See our website for more info.


A memoir for you, for a parent, or for anyone else! Invite the whole family and close friends to participate!

Always important but seemingly never urgent. Start one today while everyone's healthy! 

Check out our website for more info.