Many of our stories are about family activities. It's a lot of effort to create separate stories for each child journal. Is there a time-saver?

Stories can be shared to any number of Collections at the same time.

So we recommend that you create one core story — for example, the story of the family vacation. Then share it to all your kids' journals. You might also want to add it to your Family Collection so the rest of your family can enjoy the trip too!

Here's where it becomes extra special: Add another short story in each of your kids' journals. For example, you might have a special memory for each child related to that vacation. Make that story private — just between you, your spouse and your child.

It doesn't have to take long — a quick video selfie would be amazing! Just imagine how they'll feel when they're much older, watching Mom and Dad from many years ago talking about their life when they were young!

Your ultimate Journal for each child will be a beautifully personalized treasure!