What's a Collection and how do Stories fit in?

LifeTales Stories

You can think of a Story as a photo album, but better — a super-album. In most photo albums, you can add photos, and often video. In a LifeTales Story, you can do that … and you can also:

  • Organize all media items in any order
  • Add text or audio captions to any picture
  • Add text captions to any video
  • Add full text pages (like the itinerary of a trip)
  • Add a video or audio narrative providing the background commentary so everyone can remember the highlights when you look back one day.

LifeTales Collections

A Collection is like a messaging group for Stories … but even better.

Everyone you invite to participate in a Collection will be able to view, comment, like and contribute stories. When someone does comment or add a story, all participants are notified, just like in a messaging group.

Here's where it gets even more useful — we made Collections uber-flexible and taggable.

Flexibility: You might, for example, want to create one Collection for your immediate family, another one for extended family, perhaps another for a friend group.

Then, when you create a story, you can easily add it to any number of collections simultaneously! Easy-peasy 😀

Tags: The other special feature of Collections is Tags. Any or all of your stories can be tagged for easy recall — and each Collection can have its own tags.

So with the combination of Stories, Collections and Tags, you have an awesome way of organizing, sharing and archiving all your stories, as easily as sharing them with family and friends!