Can anyone with whom I share a story be able to "forward it" to others? Will they be able to download it?

  1. Sharing with your LifeTales contacts: Our priority has always been privacy and control by the story creator. When you choose to share a story with your LifeTales contacts, they cannot download video, nor can they download the whole Story or a Collection you've invited them to. There's no forwarding, retweeting, reblogging, etc. The content is shared only with the people you choose.

    The only thing they can do is download a picture, which they could always do anyway via a screen capture.

  2. Public Links: We do give you the ability to share some stories more broadly — you can share a story via a public link (you'll see that in the app). When you do that, people will be able to share that link so others can view it in their browser and also connect with you. Of note, if they do connect to you, they will still only see stories you choose to share with them.

    Some members use the public link to share more broadly on Facebook, Twitter or a Messaging group. It's a handy way to share some stories more broadly (eg a trip).