How do I turn on Notifications?

Q. When I first joined LifeTales, I automatically said "NO" to notifications, like I do with almost all apps. However, I didn't realize I wouldn't receive notifications that my family and friends shared a story with me!

How do I turn notifications back on? 

A. There are two places to look

  1. Email Notification:
    1. In LifeTales, go to your ME tab
    2. then tap the Settings gear.

      You'll see a setting for email notifications. Select ON.


  2. Push Notification — iOS devices
    1. Open your Settings App.
    2. Scroll down to Notifications
    3. Scroll down to LifeTales.

      You'll then see the following screen. Select Allow Notifications


  3. Push Notifications — Desktop and AndroidWe use our web app for Desktop and Android devices. That relies on the browser for notifications. Unfortunately not all browsers have that capability so we suggest you leave email notifications urned on.