My friends are connected but they can't see any of my stories

LifeTales gives you a lot of flexibility to customize your sharing and preserve your privacy. For example, you might be connected to many people but not want to share each and every story with each and every person, like you do on social media.
You probably sent your friends a general link to connect to you. That's great so far. However, unlike social media, they don't yet have permission to see anything you create.
A. to  share just a single story
  1. tap the “...” on the story cover page
  2. tap the “share with others” row. 
B. to  share an entire collection with someone
  1. go to the Collection cover
  2. image.png tap the purple icon at the bottom right corner of the cover picture
In both cases, you’ll see a list of all your connections to select from.
Pro tip: You'll also see a public link on that page. For single stories, send that link to your friends using any messaging or social media app. Once they click it, they'll be able to view your story without logging in. They'll also be given the option to create an account if they want to connect with you and like/comment any page.