What happens when I remove a story from my list?

Remove a Story you created

If it's a story you created, we delete all the content for that story. This is not recoverable so be sure you want to do that! To comply with privacy requirements, when you tell us to delete something, we have to to take it very seriously.

This story will also be deleted from the app of anyone you shared it with, although it may take a little bit of time for their cache to clear.

Remove a story created by others and shared with you

If it's a story created by someone else, you cannot delete it — you can only archive it. That means it will no longer show on your "All Stories" and "Shared with me" lists. In addition, you would no longer receive notifications for updates to or comments on that story.


If you want to view a story you've archived, or even unarchive it, go to your "archived" list, slide left and tap "unarchive".